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Finding the Best Ski Resort For Your Holiday


If you are in love with winter sports and cannot do without a nice vacation somewhere you can practice them, you need to invest some time in research for the best resort. This doesn’t have to be a daunting task, as long as you know what to expect. After all, your destination should be different, based on your priorities. Here are a few of the most popular destinations that will meet your every need:

  • France – this is a trendy destination for British skiers and snowboarders. One needn’t wonder why that is so: the reason lies with the magnificent variety that the French Alps offer. There is literary a little something for everyone. From high-altitude resorts that are purpose-built, like Val Thorens, to less popular, but equally fitting for a pleasant ski experience places like Les Carroz, France is definitely a worthy destination. However, you must keep in mind that all of this comes at a certain price. If you think that your budget cannot take it, you best head somewhere else.
  • Switzerland – this country is very hard to beat in terms of colossal mountains and splendid scenery, such as the Matterhorn peak, Zermatt. It boasts impressive ski runs and captivating villages, which can turn your holiday from an ordinary one to a real winter fairytale. Again, as with France, visitors here should expect to pay top money for their visit. However, it is a common consensus that if you can afford it, you should not think twice about getting this five-star winter experience.
  • Austria – if you value picturesque resorts and a warm welcome, then Austria is right for you. A lot of the Austrian resorts have grown from farming villages and now provide warm hospitality and foot-stomping après ski. Even though there are no giant ski runs like in France or Switzerland, it does have convenient lifts and linked ski areas, which pack sufficient mileage. Popular resorts are Lech and St Anton with pistes that will fully satisfy your winter sports cravings.
  • North America – it is true that if you live in the UK, you will probably not be interested in making a huge trip to USA or Canada. However, if you do that, you will have a pleasant experience of groomed pistes, immaculate ski lifts and very few queues.
  • Italy – manageable prices, great food and lovely ambience are all the significant characteristics of Italy. It is a laid-back destination, which puts the focus on holiday relaxation, rather than sport. This means it is an excellent place for families.
  • Eastern Europe – the most budget-friendly ski vacation experience you can get lies with the resorts of countries like Bulgaria. In there, Bansko tops all popularity surveys and stands out as an affordable option for families and beginner skiers who would much rather ease themselves into the winter sport without breaking the bank. Cheap bills come as standard here, so that is definitely a thing to keep in mind.

Now that you know more about the most common destination for skiing, you can plan better for an epic winter adventure!

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Visiting Bansko in the Summer is a Nice Idea



Bansko is one of the best ski resorts in Bulgaria, which presents fantastic opportunities for skiing and snowboarding. It is easy to reach, has world-class pistes and attracts many tourists.


The best part is that Bansko offers a different experience to visitors in the summer. Although there is no snow and no skiing, it still retains its unique charm. If you are wondering why you should visit a resort that is mostly known for its winter activities, read on to find more of what makes Bansko a solid pick for your summer vacation:

  • Hiking – first and foremost, Bansko is a wonderland for hiking enthusiasts in the summer. The weather is fantastic and Pirin mountain, which is where Bansko is located, reveals its true beauty then. Breathtaking scenery, crystal blue lakes and many other wonders await nature lovers, who venture into the area. Have your camera with you to capture Nature’s beauty.
  • Mountain biking – skiing isn’t the only sport activity you can practice in Bansko. The area presents excellent mountain biking opportunities for you to take advantage of. Even if you are no expert, you will quickly find that the area is accommodated to every skill level with its marked trails.
  • Horse riding – did you know there is a horseback riding school in Bansko that operates in the summer? There are multiple riding routes that you can take with guides and teachers who will show you the basics. Marvel at the beauty of Kresna gorge as you ride along.
  • Paintball – if you are here with your family and/or friends, you must not miss the chance to face off in a paintball challenge. There are a few sites available, offering different games. You can organise a special game for your company and have a teambuilding blast.
  • Belitsa Sanctuary – another unique site that you can visit near Bansko is the naturally preserved territory for bears. It is a place where rehabilitated bears used in the past for performance purposes find sanctuary in an all-natural environment. It is a cool site to take your children to, where professional staff can explain more about the habits and life of Bulgarian brown bears.
  • Picnic in the mountain – if you are all about a peaceful and romantic experience, why not go on a picnic in the mountain. Not only can you take your loved ones with you and have a great time, but also connect with nature.
  • Enjoy a spa vacation – plenty of hotels in Bansko offer outdoor pools and spa services. You will find it very pleasant to enjoy the water in the hot Bulgarian summer. After all, swimming and relaxation with a splendid mountain view is not a likely combination.
  • Festivals – if entertainment is what you are looking for, then Bansko will deliver. Few festivals take place in Bansko over spring and summer. From traditional folklore themes to theatre and jazz, you will have plenty to choose from.

Evidently, there is a lot you can do in Bansko in the summer. It is up to you to pick the activity you like most and enjoy your vacation here.


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